National chain for hearing aids

Attracting more customers to your store online: thanks to Hearing Expert, this chain’s appointment book is always completely full.

A national chain for hearing aids (name not specified for competitive reasons) was looking for innovative ways to acquire new customers. Their main objective: drive people to their stores for hearing aid appointments. The firm already used SEO and SEA, but this was not enough to fill up the store planning. Thanks to our campaign, their appointment books in the stores were fully booked for some time to come after only two months. In fact, they temporarily stopped the campaign because they didn’t want people to have to wait too long to get an appointment.

Our approach:

We devised a campaign that makes smart use of native and display advertising via various channels. Contrary to what you might believe, these advertisements were actually aimed at people who were not planning on doing something to address their hearing problems. Our philosophy: people avoid the hearing loss topic because they expect high costs or because they are embarrassed.

Testing, adjusting and upscaling:

We made different versions of the ad and the subsequent landing pages. This enabled us to quickly test different strategies for convincing people to finally do something about their hearing loss. Once the resultst of the initial tests were in, we were quickly able to upscale and generate high volumes of top quality leads. This was enormously successful and in no time at all, their appointment books were full. And the best thing? Employees in the stores were able to convert the leads into sales quite easily, making them happy too.


Since June 2017, Hearing Expert has supplied leads to this hearing aid chain and this has resulted in a whole new target group finding their way to the stores for advice about their hearing problems.

  • Leads per month
  • Conversion to appointment
  • Appointment Capacity
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